Futbol Interlude

And I mean real futbol.

Thanks to the wonders of RSS retention and overload I ran across this six week old post by Todd Zywicki depicting Ronahldinho performing some marvelous juggling and…well, just go see for yourself. Here’s a discussion of the shots off the top post.

Here is some more magical juggling from Ronaldinho.

Share this stuff with your kids. Seeing what is possible can help them achieve large improvements in their own skills.

NB: The additional links above are from the original posts comment thread.

Olympic Bitching

Well, the Olympics have barely started and world class complainers are already at it.
I admit to near hating the coverage of the past two Olympics. But early on I have no complaints at all about this one.
First, if I had not been at work this morning I could have watched the opening ceremonies live on CBUT. Since I wasn’t I watched large chunks on NBC/CBUT tonight. The two networks were enough out of synch with each other that if we missed something on CBUT we could switch over to NBC a bit later and see it. I thought the ceremonies were fine. Excellent music, fine artistry, great graphics and lots of athletes. It was just fine.
Second, I’m now watching live rowing. Hey, I’ve been watching live rowing for 1.5 hours now. This is more live rowing then, I think, have been shown in the last two Olympics combined. The announcers have been ok, if a bit slow keeping up with the action on the course. Oh, there has not been a single long human interest story yet.
If to today turns out to be exemplary of the rest of the coverage I’m going to be very unhappy about being on a traveling vacation over the next week instead glued to the TV. I will, though, enjoy the vacation.
PS: Yea, I agree with Tim Duncan’s assessment of the NBC announcers. But, hey, we just went to other coverage when they got too misdirected.

Live Strong

Wear Yellow! Order wrist bands at the Lance Armstrong Foundation. They are currently backordered but order now!
Update (8/28/04): Changed the word ‘here’ to Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Update (9/28/04): The Lance Armstrong Foundation is again taking orders for bracelets with a delivery lead time of 3-4 weeks. Go place your order!!
Update (02/11/05): Lance will be on the Oprah Winfrey show today. Check your local listings for time and channel.
Update (07/02/05): The 2005 Tour has started! Order your LIVESTRONG wristbands from the the Lance Armstrong Foundation now. Buy 10 or 100 and give the extras to others. If you can’t afford to buy them yourself join together with some friends to make your contribution.

Into the Mountains

Following the lead of the Tour de France the Modulators will spend the rest of today in the mountains.
If you did not watch it live I recommend watching at least the last 30-40 minutes of today’s stage. It can be hard to appreciate the difficulty of cycling and watching a couple 12 kilometer (7+ mile) climbs demolish ~160 of the world’s elite cyclists does make the point.
Back tomorrow.

Stanley Cup Finals

Tampa Bay beat Calgary 2-1 in game 7 of the series and wins the Stanley Cup in game that was much more exciting than the one masquerading as basketball last night.
Drat! The Modulator household was rooting for Calgary.

Surf’s Up

New computer simulations suggest that Saturn’s moon Titan might be pretty entertaining for surfers:

Wind speeds of 20 km/h produce waves five metres high (16 feet). This is seven times as high as those produced on Earth by the same wind speed, although Titan’s lower gravity makes the waves more widely spaced and slower moving.
However, the wind speed estimates used are conservative and could be higher, generating truly giant waves.

Some improved wet suit designs will be needed to take adavantage…