Migration Step 1


As some of you may have seen I am migrating the site from Movable Type to WordPress..

Well, it is up in its most basic form now.

I will import the old content into WordPress next

Then on to working on some internal stuff and tweaking the appearance and figuring out why I currently am not able to link to the old static files.

An Alarming Misuse of a Statistic

A sample size of one is great if the total population is also one. However, as the population size grows a sample of one becomes rapidly useless.

Unless you decide that your single case is the most important:

While I occasionally use my iPhone timer, especially when dealing with my children, I highly depend on the alarm section. And isn’t the driving force behind Control Center to give users quick access to the most used functions of their device?

Let’s reduce the validity of this case by a quick 50%: my experience is just the opposite. I use the timer frequently, multiple times per week, and use the alarm? Well, I think I used it once in June but can’t be sure. It was long ago.

It might be that Apple knows exactly what they are doing, that they have studied the usage of the clock functions and know that the timer is more heavily used.

I am happy with this default. On the other hand, I sympathize with those that aren’t. It could have been me that was unhappy.

Now, what would be cool for Apple to do is to make the default clock icon/function user configurable. Then both Brent and I could be happy!

Bird Droppings 2011-02-09 to 02-18 GMT

Some recent Tweets in reverse order. Dates and times are GMT.
I’ve deleted some but not all my retweets; otherwise this is just to long. Look below the fold….
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    2011-02-18 05:36:21
    slathe: RT @normative: Translation: It’s been years, but I just smoked a joint. RT @superwuster: Okay finally I’ve decided its time to write abo …
    2011-02-18 05:30:19
    slathe: RT @hnfirehose: Canadian ISPs will get their pound of flesh one way or another.: http://bit.ly/fPuOIh
    2011-02-18 05:05:24
    slathe: Dove Murder ~ http://bit.ly/febwR5 “Kill as long as you want…it is great hunting.” Don’t know if the hosts or the killers are worse..
    2011-02-18 02:09:44
    slathe: RT @declanm: NSA chief wants to protect ‘critical’ private networks (what counts as critical?) http://t.co/11gagww via @cnet
    2011-02-18 02:01:16
    slathe: @davewiner: FBI Pushes for Surveillance Backdoors in Web 2.0 Tools. http://r2.ly/89kv‚Äù Toss’m out on their ass…
    2011-02-18 00:52:36
    slathe: I and the Bird # 144: The Bird Vocalization Edition : Greg Laden’s Blog http://bit.ly/eQ5e1q
    2011-02-17 23:07:51
    slathe: RT @markmorford: If you died in your office right now, how long would it take for people to notice? http://is.gd/ikIpGd
    2011-02-17 23:00:19
    slathe: RT @profsteed: Texas…Hispanic population… now accounts for 37.6% of total residents. #txcensus; Mexico close to winning the war…
    2011-02-17 19:53:29
    slathe: RT @janehamsher: Washington’s Revolving Door Makes More Obvious Bribes Unnecessary http://fdl.me/hPtsJB
    2011-02-17 19:49:04
    slathe: RT @normative: On the reading queue: Chesterman on Surveillance, Liberty, and the Use of Information http://j.mp/fIkA3
    2011-02-17 19:40:49
    slathe: “RT @TheAtlantic: How to Grow Manufacturing in the U.S.: http://theatln.tc/gsiz8v” Follow with ending direct/indirect subsidization of domestic
    2011-02-17 19:39:45
    slathe: “@TheAtlantic: How to Grow Manufacturing in the U.S.: http://theatln.tc/gsiz8v” Start with ending direct/indirect subsidization of foreign
    2011-02-17 04:55:03
    slathe: RT @SubComJohn: Breaking News: Ray McGovern Brutalized & Left Bleeding by Hillary Clinton Police, “So this is America!” http://is.gd/lbHFY3
    2011-02-17 01:11:53
    slathe: RT @MohmdAshoor: I don’t give a fuck what was said and done, YOU DO NOT ATTACK UNARMED CIVILIANS WITH WOMEN & CHILDREN AT 3 FUCKING AM!!!!!

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Bird Dropping 2011-02-08 PST

Some recent Tweets. Follow me at @slathe.

  • 2011-02-09 06:50:43 slathe: I suspect no bill was sent to Fox or the NFL: “The Era of Belt-Tightening” http://t.co/qfGSR0n
  • 2011-02-09 01:42:41 slathe: And not nearly as evil as the world wide corporate state.
  • 2011-02-09 01:41:55 slathe: No comparison to organized gov.“@wired: Organized Crime: The World’s Largest Social Network (Interactive infographic). http://ow.ly/3SPxm
  • 2011-02-09 01:37:58 slathe: RT @normative: 148 people who deserve a round of applause #PatriotAct http://bit.ly/hPYPa2 (via @jbarro)
  • 2011-02-09 01:06:22 slathe: The great bald eagle comeback | Iowa City Press Citizen http://t.co/ZHOboXC #birding
  • 2011-02-09 00:07:27 slathe: If becoming potus is finishing 1st then numbers 7 and 1 are a good match: “What They’re Reading on College Campuses” http://t.co/Ud0bmzG
  • 2011-02-09 00:03:33 slathe: WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices | The Guardian http://t.co/Fy1Xanj #peakoil
  • 2011-02-09 00:00:48 slathe: Something to go along with the Chrysler Super Bowl add: “Urinals of the Day: Detroit, Michigan” | http://t.co/FPYvqnq
  • 2011-02-08 21:10:25 slathe: RT @JPBarlow: House on Course to Pass USA PATRIOT Act Extension Today. Call your Congressloon! Now! http://fdl.me/eerOA5
  • 2011-02-08 20:56:24 slathe: RT @hnfirehose: The Federal Communications Commission tries to regulate the Net: http://bit.ly/hc4keD
  • 2011-02-08 17:01:02 slathe: RT @JPBarlow: 15 years ago today, I wrote A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. It’s still true. http://goo.gl/6cP7s

Dates and times are GMT.
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Bird Droppings 2011-02-07

Some recent Tweets. Follow me at @slathe.

  • 2011-02-08 05:46:45 slathe: Marijuana Wins the Culture War | http://t.co/wM56HbH Hilarious!
  • 2011-02-08 05:27:41 slathe: The master machine | http://t.co/9jgMmpT
  • 2011-02-08 02:57:29 slathe: RT @GaianCollective: Why can’t the US legalize drugs? There’s ‘too much money in it,’ Clinton says. http://bit.ly/hgpaHh
  • 2011-02-08 02:43:36 slathe: RT @Antiwar2: Jacob Hornberger: We need a foreign policy revolution here at home http://bit.ly/fQlwvN
  • 2011-02-08 02:40:37 slathe: RT @ProfBainbridge: Regulated professions http://bit.ly/glBqep
  • 2011-02-07 23:51:03 slathe: If The US Wants To Have Any Credibility On Internet Freedom It Should Drop The Attempt To Prosecute Assange | Techdirt http://t.co/157KFh7
  • 2011-02-07 23:28:58 slathe: U.S. seeks veto powers over new domain names | http://t.co/Pd3BhDk And we seek veto power over the US and other corp states #internet
  • 2011-02-07 21:18:43 slathe: RT @BigPictureAg: New Post: Debunking Krugman: NYT’s “Soaring Food Prices – Blame the weather.” . http://bit.ly/hej03H #commodities #whe …
  • 2011-02-07 21:16:44 slathe: RT @TimHarford: Steve Landsburg explains what’s missing from the Baby Sitting Co-Op story: http://goo.gl/EhQfp (Disagree w/ tone)
  • 2011-02-07 21:14:18 slathe: “@SubComJohn: Air Force legal office: Almost anyone can be prosecuted for reading WikiLeaks http://is.gd/ObCzjs #wikileaks” gov must end
  • 2011-02-07 21:12:19 slathe: “@TheAtlantic: Who’s actually better for the economy: Democrats or Republicans? http://theatln.tc/e1BC3N” Would do better without either
  • 2011-02-07 17:21:16 slathe: RT @normative: RT @OpenCongress: PATRIOT Act renewal is up for a quick vote this week in the House. Full schedule here: http://bit.ly/hiwtOc
  • 2011-02-07 17:13:22 slathe: RT @markmorford: Sorry, Mr. Bikram, but you actually *can’t* copyright an ancient yoga pose. Love, Shiva. http://bit.ly/eJzibq
  • 2011-02-07 17:09:28 slathe: RT @radleybalko: F’n libertarians. Is there anything bad in the world that they *aren’t* responsible for? http://tinyurl.com/4t4e3a8

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Friday Ark Update

The next Friday Ark will board on February 4.
All submissions that have come in while we have been traveling will be boarded. Also, if you have posts from the past several weeks that you would have submitted feel free to do so.
Will be back in country later this week and slowly catching up with the interwebs.