Daily Archives: September 13, 2003

Late Night Reading

I’m tired and not doing much reading tonight but I did read through some 9/11 material. Mostly the stuff that conspiracy theory fans would like. Check them out…it appears that there are a few open questions:
Part 3 of Keith Quinnels Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented.
Tom Gevaert’s A Comedy of Errors — Airspace Security on 9/11.
Skippy and Spadehammer ask questions about 9/11.
September 11: Minute by Minute.
Good Night!

Can you hear me now?

Everybody got caught up in Fox’s rediculous ‘fair and balanced’ suit angainst Franken. But how many of you are aware of the effort Verizon is making to play the same game with ‘Can you hear me now?”
Brett Marston has written a number of posts on this trademark issue. Start with his most recent one here and follow his links to his other writings and other materials.
Here is Verizon’s statement of their position:

We are sorry that you feel this way about the lawsuit. However, “The company has spent millions of dollars in advertising and public relations to establish the phrase ‘Can you hear me now’ as a symbol of our network’s quality and our relentless efforts to continue to test and expand our coverage. We will take action against any company or other organization that infringes upon our trademark and damages the valuable brand we have created.”

Apparently Verizon doesn’t like others, especially their union members, using the phrase. As Brett argues it is our language. If Verizon want’s something trademarkable then they should make up some new words.
I think I’ll make an effort to use the phrase regularly, say at least once a week.
Oh, and I wonder what Verizon thinks about this?

Death and Life

The Talking Dog has found another gem and it is a powerful piece:

Its been too long since I linked to Israeli blogger Imshin, one of the brightest lights of the blog world. But with this piece, she has transcended blogging, frankly, she has transcended everything, with this observation of the universe that is in the traditions of the greatest sages and mystics ever to exist. (I’m blown away by it.)

Near the end of her essay Imshin writes:

Death comes quickly and, more often than not, doesn’t bother to call ahead to say it is on its way and give us a chance to prepare. And even if it does, how does one prepare?

Read Imshin, read The Talking Dog’s response and then as she says:

Take a minute. Look up from your computer screen and look around you.

Please do this regularly.
And realize that, though most ignore it, death does call ahead. The message is there before our eyes throughout our lives. For most the message does not include a date and time but that should not matter as it is widely known that we humans are mortal. Read the message, make sure your affairs are in order, and act out your life to its fullest potential.