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Nielson’s Internet Top 10

The Nielson folks can speak for themselves:

Selected by Nielsen//NetRatings� European
analytics team, the following ten websites and Internet applications are the ones we feel have had the
greatest impact on the Internet and on society as a whole so far.

A few of the European centered selections were not familiar to me.
Via beSpacific.

Almanac Users Beware

Let’s see: you are standing on the Golden Gate Bridge, map in hand pointing out across the bay:

The FBI noted that use of almanacs or maps may be innocent, “the product of legitimate recreational or commercial activities.” But it warned that when combined with suspicious behavior — such as apparent surveillance — a person with an almanac “may point to possible terrorist planning.”

Terrorist or recreationist?
How long before almanacs, maps, etc., disappear from stores, libraries and the web?
Via Atrios.

Overworked Prosecutors

In Central Alabama drug related cases keep prosecutors busy:

Giddens estimates that about half of the criminal cases set to go to trial every month are pure drug cases, either possession of marijuana or other controlled substances, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing and others.

The percentage is much higher when drug related cases are added to the ‘pure’ cases.
This makes me think there might be a pretty easy way to find some money to divert to ‘important’ government services.
Via the Media Awareness Project.

Who’s that Chick?

I feel like I’ve not been paying attention because I had no idea. Until a few minutes ago.
First Jaquandor points to PZ Myers fisking this Chick poster which it richly deserves and we should thank PZ for taking the time on a Saturday to clarify things for us!
And then Ampersand leads the way to Cthuluchick.
I don’t think I’ll spend much time learning more about that chick.

Felon Disenfranchisement

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals takes a step in the right direction:

“We conclude that an original discriminatory purpose behind Florida’s felon disenfranchisement provision establishes an equal protection violation that persists with the provision unless it is subsequently reenacted on the basis of an independent, nondiscriminatory purpose,” Judge Rosemary Barkett wrote for the majority.

This likely will not be resolved soon enough to make things right in Florida in November 2004.
I am still looking for good reasons why someone, once they have completed their sentence, should be barred from voting or, for that matter, from any other activity.