Monthly Archives: February 2004

Leap Year

Well, blogging has been slow to non existent for the last several days but how can I skip this opportunity to post on February 29.
Who knows, if I don’t post on this I may forever miss the opportunity. Hey, the next one is four years away.
So, I hope you all enjoyed your extra day.

This is the End

Of Kevin’s Friday cat blogging. Which is too bad. Jasmine and Inkblot have become fixtures. Maybe Kevin’s readers will overwhelm him and he will find a way to continue.
Commenter Jeff Boatright nails today’s pictures:

The cat on the left is avoiding reading the latest economic reports.
The cat on the right foolishly read them…

I suspect we will see more of these felines in the future.

Blogrolling Moving On

If you use you will want to read Jason’s going away letter which is up on the Breaking News page.
He is selling to tucows and says that:

…I decided on Tucows because they are an extremely upstanding group of guys (they’re Canadian, after all!) who will treat all of you with care and respect. They are going to continue running Blogrolling as is, which was one of my reasons to go with them.

As a heavy blogrolling user I thank Jason for the service he has built, wish him the best of luck going forward and hope that the new folks will continue as is plus a growing list of enhancements.