Daily Archives: September 27, 2004

Modulator Changes

I’m making some changes to Modulator.
Already done:

  • Upgraded to Movable Type 3.11
  • Updated RSS syndication. See the top of the left side bar. I’ll add an Atom feed as soon as I get it to work.
  • Some cosmetic changes.
Still to come:
  • Inline trackbacks
  • Dynamic Publishing.
  • Block hot linking. Yes there are a few folks out there stealing some bandwidth.
  • Add a favicon.
  • More cosmetic changes.
Please let me know if you notice any problems.

Flying High

Jane is pretty excited about taking a sub-orbital flight and, with good reason, points to her tip jar:

The new service will be called Virgin Galactic and expects to fly 3,000 new astronauts in its first five years. Fares will start at 115,000 pounds (US$208,000, euro169,000) for a suborbital flight, including three days’ training.
As much as I’d like to fly with her I’m probably going to have to wait until the fare comes down a bit.