Daily Archives: December 20, 2004

Previewing the Supremes

For those of you who would like to know a little more but not everything about upcoming Supreme Court cases here is some help:

The liibulletin is a Cornell Law School electronic journal. Its editorial board comprises second- and third-year law students, who are responsible for every aspect of the journal’s management, from selecting decisions for commentary to researching, writing, editing, and producing the journal content in HTML. The 2004-05 bulletin will explore cases currently before the US Supreme Court. Bulletin content is available on this site and by (free) email subscription.
Happy reading!
Via beSpacific.

Let the Kid Out Regularly

PZ Meyers posts his 3rd grade class picture:

And for you younger readers, I have to tell you�that buck-toothed kid with the crewcut in the middle row is still here. All of us greying geezers still have a little boy or girl somewhere inside us, and there are still days when we�re a little dismayed that we�re not going to have recess after lunch, or that we don�t get to go home to mom and dad anymore. Youth is never really gone, it just gets buried under layers of new stuff as time goes by.
You will feel more comfortable if you remove some of those layers from time to time….even if a tear or two flows.