Pod Wars

Perhaps Apple should have thought about trademark issues before they named it iPod:

Even if the product you make doesn’t look, smell, feel, or do anything remotely close to what an iPod does, and even if consumers can’t buy it on the shelves in a store, that apparently doesn’t mean Apple won’t release its legal dogs on you if the name of your product includes the letters P-O-D.

I wonder what they are going to do about this:

At last I said, “UnkaTom? Tell me the Poddy story– ”
“At your age?”
“Please,” I crawled up on his knees. “I want to sit in your lap once more and hear it. I need to.”
“All right,” he said, and put his arm around me. “Once upon a time, long, long ago when the world was young, in a specially favored city there lived a little girl named Poddy.

The drift from here is that Apple can trademark iPod until hell freezes over but that is where it ends.

If they persist in this foolishness then perhaps we should all consider mailing them pea pods. Either full or empty will be fine.

We can call it the Cupertino Pod Party.