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Friday Ark #132

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Over the past month or so Haloscan started (the end of July) handling of trackbacks has improved though it is still pretty broken for carnival type posts. Now, instead of rejecting every attempt to ping it accepts single pings for a while and then will start rejecting them. I will keep trying to track back to Haloscan boarders but can make no guarantees for any particular week.

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Is It Time For You to Move to a MAC?

I’m thinking of returning to the fold. How about your?
I was an Apple user from the days of the Apple II through the MAC SE era.
I loved them.
For a number of reasons we’ve been a Windows based family since about 1995 with varying degrees of happiness and unhappiness. I was thrilled when Apple announced their migration to Intel processors last year and, well, am about ready to make the change back/to a Mac along with a lot of other folks:

Because I made the switch recently, and did so publicly, I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from Computerworld readers (as well as readers of my personal newsletter, Scot’s Newsletter) informing me that they, too, switched to the Mac recently. Many are IT people. Some confess that they manage Windows users by day, and run Macs at home. Others tell me that they’ve switched in the office, and it’s no big deal. The all-but-universal experience is that the transition was much easier than expected, and that using the Mac has made switchers more productive.

I work in a large IT department (400 plus people) that supports both very traditional services and a lot of bleeding edge networking stuff. Centrally only Windows desktops are managed under contract. If you want a Mac you become self-supporting. When we had an all-staff meeting the other day Macs were mentioned several times and brought a spontaneous round of applause from about 20% of the audience.
I plan to join that 20% when the support contract runs out on my Dell laptop at the end of next month.
Yes, the MACs seem a bit expensive at first blush but certainly at the high end they are pretty competitive. Our home machines are do for an upgrade and assuming I’m happy with my experience at work we will likely again become an Apple family at home! It doesn’t hurt at all that it is now trivially easy to run Windows and windows programs on a Mac.

NB: I almost forgot to mention that our kids have already rejoined the Apple family…they graduated from the Sony Discman (remember them?) to Ipods.

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

There should be no question but that it is yours!
There are, though, plenty out there who believe otherwise:

At the colloquium, food and drug lawyer Richard Cooper agreed that the issue is whether some rights are so fundamental that we do not entrust them to decisions made by elected officials. Until recently, establishing agencies to regulate the safety and efficacy of drugs was thought to be within the purview of Congress. “I doubt that most people thought that they had a constitutional right to buy investigational drugs,” said Cooper. “It’s a wholly new, unheard of right with no antecedents in Anglo-American law.”

Dear mr cooper,
Free people have a right to make voluntary purchases from willing sellers. No federal, state or local legislation can change this fact. All they can do is use an illegitimate power to thwart our right to engage in voluntary exchanges.
People also have the right to toss out any government that abrogates their rights.
Your Employers