Daily Archives: May 30, 2007

Midwest Mob Announces New Scam

The Iowa and Kansas lotteries announced a joint effort to fleece folks of $3.12 million: an instant-scratch lottery game called Midwest Millions. 1.2 million scratch tickets will be sold for $10 each:

Click image to enlarge.

What are your chances? 64.7% of the tickets will get nothing. The other 35.3 % will share the 74%, $8.8 million, payout. The mob rakes in a cool $3.12 million.

Hey, if this isn’t theft or fraud perhaps we should set up a private business to operate a few of these upstanding scratch ticket games?

Virtual Street Walking

No, I’m not talking about something you might do in Second Life.
Rather, check out Google Map’s new Street View capability for parts of San Francisco, Denver, New York, Las Vegas and Miami.
For instance, go to 76 Broadway, New York, click on the new Street View button in the upper right of the map and then click on the small human icon on the map: up pops a street view of that locaton. Drag the icon to a different location for another view or expand the Street View image for a more detailed look.
If Street View is not available for an area the Street View button will not appear on the map.
Definitely a nifty upgrade though some of the images are a bit fuzzy.
The map wars are heating up. This is a neat response to Microsoft’s 3D maps and does not require you to load extra software to use.

Via Primate Labs Blog.