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An Honest president?

Not likely:

An honest president would threaten the corrupt, dishonest and rigged two-party political system, so one getting a presidential nomination is improbable. How could an honest person obtain financing for their campaign? How could they get diverse groups to support their candidacy?

But if we are going to have such an office shouldn’t we have an honest president?

If the answer is yes, shouldn’t we throw out the current corrupt methodology of selecting candidates? And, yes, we may still not get an honest president but it would be hard to make that less likely than it is now.

In The We Are Everywhere Category

Alex Allen, the new British Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, is a Deadhead:

A fans’ website that lists every album, every track and every piece of trivia known about the group is lovingly compiled by a Deadhead called Alex Allan, the same Alex Allan who, by day, works as one of Britain’s top civil servants. Yesterday, he was named as the next chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, the apex of the Government’s spy network.

If you are not familiar with the Grateful Dead Lyric and Song Finder you should check it out! And, the links in the left sidebar have even more cool stuff.
I don’t think the rest of the article does full justice to a guy who is adding this to his CV:

Nov 2007 Appointed Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

at the same time he is adding these updates to the Lyric and Song Finder:

18 Nov 2007
I’ve added a heap more new songs played by Phil Lesh and Friends: Boris The Spider, Chest Fever, Don’t Let The Devil Take Your Mind, Downhearted, Ghost, I Put A Spell On You, Lorene, Sympathy For The Devil and Voodoo Chile.
9 Nov 2007
I’ve added track lists and cross references for Road Trips Volume 1 Number 1.
30 Oct 2007
I’ve added four more new songs played by Phil Lesh and Friends: The Gambler, Like A Ball And Chain, Plasma and Shine.

Check him out in cycling regalia (2nd from left):
and on his way to work one day in 1999:

(click to embiggen)

Check out the whole wind surfing sequence!