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Bad Cookie Monster!

Is Sesame Street good for children?

A paper in Australia reports that DVDs of classic episodes of Sesame Street are being labeled “adult only” because they do not suit the needs of today’s preschool children. Cookie Monster is evil for devouring cookies and thus promoting bad habits that lead to obesity.

The needs of today’s preschool children???
The show met the needs of preschool children just as poorly during the original screenings: It promoted obesity by encouraging little kids to sit quietly in front of the tube and promoted mental anorexia by encouraging little kids to sit mentally passive in front of the boob tube.
In the linked article

Andrew Fuller, a clinical psychologist and consultant on children’s television production, said a sanitised world was far more dangerous than the whacky world of Sesame Street.
“Unless we expose kids to a diverse range of characters and behaviour they will not be prepared for the real world,” he said.

Before tube world kids gathered this experience in…the real world!

Via Karen DeCoster.