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16 thoughts on “Friday Ark #192

  • Blog d'Elisson


    The playwright Congreve said it best:
    Music hath charms to soothe the Savage Breast.
    But as sure as the Sun riseth in the East,
    Music also hath power to soothe the Savage Beast.

  • What Do I Know?

    Friday Calf Blogging

    This photo was taken about three weeks ago. Already the calves are bigger. They like to play with each other, running across the field sometimes to give each other a head butt. The cow on the right is new. I’m…

  • X-TREME Tea Time

    Friday Creature, Turkish Cat

    10,000 Monkeys, Myself, and the Pater Familia are all back at home, together with Dear Dog who we liberated from Puppy Camp early this morning. We have returned from an epic trip to Turkey, which was most splendiforous, so without…

  • 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera

    Friday Creature

    These cows (and farmer) reside in the Turkish countryside, near Izmir. I’ll have many other creatures from my trip to share in the next few weeks, folks. In the meantime, though, so many creatures have already boarded the ark today!…

  • Mind of Mog

    Finally Friday

    Gratuitous cat pic here, gotta have one of those. Still gloomy out, no rain thou. Cats are still in.

  • iInfidel

    Finally Friday

    Nother pic from a while back, Mog has been negligent in taking pics of me.
    Both the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at The Catboys Realm and The Carnival of the Cats at M-cats Club will be dedicated to Bonnie Underfoot, beautiful Attack Tabby, who…

  • iMeowza

    Untimely Loss

    I am saddened by the untimely passing over the rainbow bridge of beautiful Bonnie Underfoot and send purrs and headbumps to her family.
    Both the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at The Catboys Realm and The Carnival of the Cats at M-cats Club will b…

  • Mind of Mog

    Bonnie Underfoot

    Another star of the Cat Blogosphere has gone out. Bonnie Underfoot has crossed over the rainbow bridge leaving behind many sad kitties and humans. Our hearts and hugs go out to Victor and family for their loss. This tummy pose is one of my fave pics of…

  • sisu

    When cats garden

    When the Chelsea Grays went out to inspect the new plants — mostly annuals plus a couple of perennials to be bedded out in the parterre garden — Tiny was at first more interested in the labels than the leaves

  • Mind of Mog


    The elusive Mr Bazel actually came outside when it wasn’t pitch dark out. Well, still dark enough I used the flashy which makes it look even darker out than it was.
    Both the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at The Catboys Realm and The Carnival …

  • Pharyngula

    Carnivalia and an open thread

    We need an open thread! Here are a few carnivals to prime the pump. Humanist Symposium #19 I and the Bird #75 The Molecular and Cell Biology Carnival #2 Skeptics’ Circle #87 Carnival of the Liberals #65 Friday Ark…

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