Daily Archives: September 20, 2008

Who’s Going to Pretend to Solve Our Financial Problems?

Well, of course, the folks who created them in the first place:

The ruling class is the state. The state exists to serve the interests of the ruling class, and only the interests of the ruling class. They may promise you greater unemployment benefits, better health care, and a host of other government benefits — all benefits also paid for by you, please note (the ruling class does have a sense of humor, after all; vampires are often crudely funny creatures) — and those promises will cause most Americans to fall for the con still one more time.
Whatcha gonna do? Not a goddamned thing. Vote for McCain! Vote for Obama! It doesn’t matter. The ruling class wins either way. The ruling class always wins. That’s how the system was designed, and that’s how it works. For the ruling class, it works very admirably.

You really should be reading Arthur regularly!

Happy Retirement to Ruby

Ruby, of GDTS TOO, one of my long time favorite people is retiring!
I’ve never met Ruby but through the years she and the rest of the folks at GDTS TOO have provided a wonderful service and delivered great tickets to great Grateful Dead shows over and over again!
Thanks Ruby!
GDTS TOO has a great repository of envelope art:
Check out the rest at the bottom of their home page.

Ruby’s announcement email is under the flap