September 17, 2003

Checking up on You

This has the potential to put to make Hoover's files and the FBI's '60s files look like childs play.

(12) The TTIC identities database, and the FBI's database containing Purely Domestic Terrorism Information, will incorporate, to the extent permitted by law, available biometric dta, including data on persons who even if otherwise unidentified are known or appropriately suspected to be or have been involved in activities constituting, inpreparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism.
It was just a week ago that we were talking about rummie describing the opposition as "encouraging Washington's enemies." That certainly reads similar to 'in aid of' in the above paragraph.

The administration seems intent on getting its database on everyone up and running no matter the oppostion. And if you think it will not impact you because you haven't done anything wrong, well, you are wrong.

1) To help them identify potential bad people they need an inclusive database. They need to have your data before you turn bad if they are going to quickly spot you before you do a bad thing.

2) Using the rummie rule I'm probably a candidate on the basis of this post alone let alone others. Think about how you fit into the bushies scheme of things.

Wake up and just say no! Now!

Via Talkleft.

Posted by Steve on September 17, 2003
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