October 20, 2003

Canadian Big Brother

My response to this plan by a bunch of Vancouver, BC., nightclubs would be to vote with my money and go elsewhere:

Bar patrons in Vancouver will soon have to swipe their drivers' licences and have their photographs taken every time they enter a club or bar that is a Barwatch member.
A lot of these places probably have security cameras already so a good part of the privacy issue may be moot.

And, I'm not arguing that these establishments should not be able to do this. As private businesses they can set the terms under which they will operate.

I am not interested in having my personal information residing in the hands of a bunch of bar owners that I have no reason to trust, whose internal security is suspect and who might share this information with 3rd parties without my approval.

Oh yea, remember to use cash instead of debit/credit cards as often as possible. No point filling anyone's database with information about yourself or in giving the banking industry a cut of your transaction.

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Posted by Steve on October 20, 2003
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