October 21, 2003


Some of you may have thought I was being a bit paranoid in my earlier post Canadian Big Brother. Especially since congress cut off funding for Total Information Awareness.

But ashcroft's Justice Department figures to hell with congress. If we can't get TIA we'll go for MATRIX or in normal speak: Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange. Justice and Homeland Security are providing funding for what started out as a state based system in Florida:

The U.S. Justice Department recently provided $4 million and the Department of Homeland Security has pledged another $8 million to expand the MATRIX program nationally. Homeland Security will also provide the computer network for information-sharing among the states.
Still not bothered? Try this:
Phil Ramer, special agent in charge of Florida�s statewide intelligence told a Washington Post reporter in early August that the system could be intrusive and pledged to use it with restraint. "It's scary. It could be abused. I mean, I can call up everything about you, your pictures and pictures of your neighbors."
Whew, I feel quite comforted by Phil's promise to use the system with restraint. But what about Ralph or Mary tomorrow?

Why not link in the Canadian's Bar Watch info, or, you take your pick of the information source. If Matrix, TIA or other similar systems stay in place their operators will figure out a way to include that information.

Yep, use cash. Start becoming as invisible as you can.

Posted by Steve on October 21, 2003
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