October 21, 2003

Hosting Matters DOS Attack Continues

As many of you are aware sites hosted at Hosting Matters have been victimized by a massive denial of service attack targeted at one specific site: Internet Haganah.

Even though HM has been deligently working with their network providers to resolve this there have been several outages including one this morning which begain shortly after 9:00 AM and has extended to 3:08 PM this afternoon.

Note: this is not something I blame HM for in any way. I work at an institution that has had specific users targeted by denial of service attacks and they can be brutal and massive.

On the other hand, I am somewhat surprised that HM's upstream networks have failed to successfully block this traffic before it hit's HM's circuits. In cases where a single IP is targeted (which we are told is the case here) dropping traffic to this IP by the upstream provider(s) should always work so something is broken here.

Posted by Steve on October 21, 2003
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