November 12, 2003

ralls and savage

Ted Rall's veteran's day column Why we Fight (subtitled Iraq From the Other Side) may well reflect the view of some Iraqi citizens.

Rall's is not on my reading list and this is the first Rall's piece I have read so I have no good sense of context and whether this is meant to be an attempt at interpretation which, I think, would be a reasonable thing for someone to do or if this is a support piece that is really advocating for the Iraqi resistance.

Little Green Footballs and the comment thread here take the latter position and argue that Rall's is supporting the Iraqi resistance and advocating the killing of US citizens. If, indeed, this is what Ralls is doing then shame on him.

And I would hope that these folks who condemn Ralls will also condemn michael savage who, on his national broadcast today (11/12), called for the death of US citizens (labeled by savage as leftists and liberal fascists).

Via Wizbang.

Posted by Steve on November 12, 2003

The LGF folks are rabid in their hatred of Rall. He's no resistance ally; he's a realist.

Posted by Scott at November 13, 2003 7:09 AM
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