March 12, 2004

Talking Freely

Ron Paul has a few thoughts on our esteemed congess' efforts to make us be good via the �Broadcast Indecency Act of 2004�

This atrocious piece of legislation should be defeated. It cannot improve the moral behavior of U.S. citizens, but it can do irreparable harm to our cherished right to freedom of speech.

This attempt at regulating and punishing indecent and sexually provocative language suggests a comparison to the Wahhabi religious police of Saudi Arabia, who control the �Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.� Though both may be motivated by the good intentions of improving moral behavior, using government force to do so is fraught with great danger and has no chance of success.

He follows this by hammering both the left and the right for past and present support for violations of our free speech.

Hey, he may be a republican but he has this one right.

Via Freespace.

Posted by Steve on March 12, 2004
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