March 15, 2004

guardsman bush

The discussion of bush's military record seemed to die away rather abruptly some weeks ago. It is good to know, though, that not everyone has bought into the idea that the complete record is now before the public.

Check out this article:

Some military researchers and a former Texas Guard lieutenant colonel believe the stringent regulations -- known as the Human Reliability Program -- may have been invoked to stop Bush from flying Texas Air National Guard jets in 1972.
Yes, this is speculative stuff as the record still seems to be incomplete.

As Rick says:

I have all these documents and more, copies of every set of orders I ever received, academic reports for every course I attended. Now, maybe that's just me; I kept a copy of everything. But, when I ordered an updated copy of my Fische, it was all there.

Can we just access his MicroFische?

Via Orcinus.

Posted by Steve on March 15, 2004
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