April 23, 2004

Faster Reading

Very much faster then I have been. Eugene Volokh has already finished Stephenson's The Confusion.

I'm still crawling through Quicksilver which I have been enjoying for much longer then I anticipated as noted here. In fact I've been enjoying Quicksilver enough that I already have The Confusion waiting on the bookshelf (I wanted needed to have a 1st edition).

I'd feel bad if my only reading over the past year had been several hundred pages of Quicksilver but I've been able to sneak in other reading at the rate of about 1 book for every 9 pages of Quicksilver and, of course, uncounted blog postings.

Update: Via Catallarchy a pointer to this Salon interview with Neal Stephenson (I had to visit a one screen add to get to the premium content).

Posted by Steve on April 23, 2004
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