August 5, 2004

State Attorneys General Join Hatch in Bed of Dinosaurs

Big entertainment has captured Oren Hatch (see Induce) and at least 46 state attorneys general also appear to see themselves as responsible to big industry and not the citizens of their respective states.

The Washington Post and C/Net are reporting that the SGs are

are set to warn major peer-to-peer file-sharing networks that they may face enforcement actions if they do not take steps to stem illegal activity on the networks, such as the trading of child pornography and stolen movies and music.
But, really, does this reflect consumer or industry concerns:
"We are writing to encourage your companies to take concrete and meaningful steps to address the serious risks posed to the consumers of our states by your companies' peer-to-peer file-sharing technology," the letter said. "At present, P2P software has too many times been hijacked by those who use it for illegal purposes to which the vast majority of our consumers do not wish to be exposed."
Uhhh, with the possible exception of ad/spyware that may come bundled with some P2P applications I don't think anyone is exposed to anything they do not choose .

The crimes alleged to be committed by users of P2P users do not hold a candle, even a small candle, to the real crimes committed by users of automobiles or guns. Where are the letters to GM, Winchester. etc.?

Posted by Steve on August 5, 2004
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