November 18, 2004

Not Getting Things Done

I could blame lite posting on spending too much time last weekend trying to install a Captcha tool to help deal with comment spam that had become just too annoying. Others seem to have it working so I guess I'm not quite techie enough to overcome the installation instructions. MT-Blacklist is next.

But that was last weekend and this is Thursday so I'll add to my blame the other guy list this post which fed my personal management system addiction. I have been spending lots of time over the last several days reading David Allen's Getting Things Done, thinking about its ideas, and preparing to implement its tools. It just might satisfy my addiction where all the others I have tried have failed.

I plan to be getting a lot more done here, at home, and work once I am comfortable with this new system and have my stuff under control. In the meantime....well, we will see....

So, you see the Allen book in the "currently reading" section of the right sidebar. Some of you might raise your eyebrows a bit when you see Quicksilver there. I'm re-reading it before reading The Confusion and The System of the World.

Posted by Steve on November 18, 2004
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