December 4, 2004

Sex Education Homework

Henry Waxman had the gall to criticize aspects of many of the abstinence only education programs funded in whole or in part by the federal government. Amongst other concerns, his report noted cases of "false, misleading, or distorted information" in the course material of many of the programs. Talk radio hosts1 and others on the right reacted heir usual ad hominum to hell with the facts response.

Abstinence is a fine choice to make and one that should be made with all the facts of life in hand. However, if one is going to choose to be sexually active, also a fine choice, then this choice should also be made with all the facts in hand.

So, in the spirit of christmas, and especially if you or your children have attended one of the abstinence mis-education classes head over here and here to learn a little bit about why if you are not going to abstain you should at least use a condom.

Warning: Not work friendly.

1Medved began his discussion of the topic by trying to discredit Waxman because Waxman is a liberal from the California coast.

Posted by Steve on December 4, 2004
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