December 27, 2004


Dennis Kennedy presents his winners and runners-up for best legal blogs of 2004:

The Blawggies are not based on any popular votes, surveys or scientific measures. They are highly-opinionated choices made by me, based on my experience, expertise and likes and dislikes.

In general, I like to see blogs (1) consistently useful content, (2) a generous and helpful approach, and (3) a combination of commitment and talent. In other words, I like blogs that compel me to read them on a regular basis. I read almost all blog posts in a newsreader these days, so the awards will reflect a bias toward blogs with full-text RSS feeds as well as all of my other biases and personal preferences.

Check'm out and add to your feeds and rolls as suits your tastes.

Via beSpacific (Kennedy's choice as #1).

Posted by Steve on December 27, 2004
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