January 3, 2005

This is what the US is fighting for???

The Bush administration is drawing up a long-term plan for al-Qa'eda suspects at Guantanamo Bay, including building a prison where they could be held for the rest of their lives without ever appearing in a court of law.
This makes me more than nauseous so I'll let Zombyboy speak for me:
The plan by the Bush administration to jail al-Qa'eda suspects for life without ever submitting them to a court is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

I have no doubt that these are Bad People who have done Bad Things and harbor nothing but Ill Intent toward the people of the West. I understand that the last thing we want is to have these people back in the world plotting the next attack against the citizens of--well, anywhere from New York to London, Paris, or Rome, for instance. I even realize that the people who are drawing up this plan believe that the actions they take will help protect the rest of the world.

While the plan may be protected legally inasmuch as the terrorists are not protected by the Geneva Convention, the plan isn't a moral one

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Posted by Steve on January 3, 2005
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