February 3, 2005

Top Firefox Extensions

PC Magazine presents their selection of the top 15 Firefox extensions.

But, why doesn't the first one on their list, About Site 0.1.1, show up on the Firefox extensions page? Could just be me...clues appreciated.

: JM, No Fancy Name, found it.

It is a cool extension. Now that I've worked with it just a bit I'm not sure how how often I will use it. Pulling up the Technorati Cosmos for a site may be a bit quicker than my Technorati Anywhere toolbar link and I do like that it pulls up the info in a new tab instead of a new window.

Posted by Steve on February 3, 2005

I'd never seen it before, and couldn't find it on the extensions page, but I found it here, assuming that's the same one. Different (slightly newer) version, but seems to do the same things, so I'd go with it. I'm going to install it now.

Posted by JM at February 3, 2005 5:22 PM
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