February 8, 2005

My New Map and Directions Site

It took just 30 seconds to make up my mind. Google's new map, driving direction, yellow page site is good! I have used Yahoo Maps for years but neither it nor Mapquest hold a candle to this. Julie puts it succinctly:

DHTML-driven (IE/Firefox only right now, I believe, but YMMV) maps service. Driving directions, yellow pages, etc. Drag-the-map with your mouse, DHTML controls, no more of that click-wait, click-wait, click-wait, click-wait never-quite-right map manipulation.
Try it out. Change now!

Update: Barry provides some usage tips and suggests that this might be a good front end for Keyhole, another Google product.

Update II (2/9): Via Zomboyboy here is a more technical look at this tool.

Posted by Steve on February 8, 2005

I checked this out last night. I was pretty impressed. I see you do have a couple other links that, if I read them, I might find more info on how to navigate. I'm pretty tired, now. But, I will be back.

Posted by oldwhitelady at February 12, 2005 11:04 PM
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