March 1, 2005

February's Top Referrers

On the right side bar is the updated roll of Modulator's 21 top referrers for the month of February. Numbers 20 and 21 each produced 20 referrals compared to 24 for numbers 20 and 21 in January.

December churn: 9 blogs dropped and 9 new ones added compared to 8 and 9 in January.

Overall traffic was up about 1.6% from January and up 235% from February 04 (no I do not expect the year to year growth to continue at that rate).

Top Referrer: This Blog is Full of Crap . Thanks, Laurence!

Top search phrase/word: live strong

Most popular post: Live Strong

Statistics are culled from AWStats running on Modulator's server at Hosting Matters.

Again, thank you one and all!

Also, I'd like to acknowledge referrals from some of the blogosphere's 'service' sites: Technorati,,, MovableType, Blogdex, Bloglines,, Sitemeter, NZ Bear's Ecosystem, Bloogz and Daypop.

All of the blog rolls are ordered by most recently updated so be sure to ping or to push to the top of the rolls. These are certainly the sites I tend to look at first and visitors will see you at the top of the roll as well.

For a brief discussion of Modulator's blog rolls look here.

Posted by Steve on March 1, 2005

Head's up -- I've completely stopped pinging, not that it's helping any longer. I had 14,000+ spam hits from January 23rd through yesterday. Thank god for MT-Blacklist...

Posted by Scott at March 2, 2005 7:27 AM

at the risk of inciting rampant spamming I'll provide some stats: Since November 21 when I installed MT blacklist:

Blocks: 13661
Forced Moderation: 2324

Since 2/21/05

Blocks: 91
Forced Moderation: 48

Something has changed....

I have noticed over the last few weeks that initial probes from non-blacklisted URLs have been coming in ones and twos instead of 50s and 100s.

Posted by Steve at March 2, 2005 10:20 AM

Blood is thicker than water and cats is thicker than politics.

Posted by Laurence Simon at March 2, 2005 2:26 PM
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