March 11, 2005

Friday Ark

Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday.

I'll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals as I see them (photoshops at my discretion and humans only in supporting roles).

Leave a comment or trackback to this post or email me and I'll add yours to the list. Check back regularly for updates throughout the day on Fridays and somewhat less frequently over the weekend.

Dog folks: remember to submit your links to the Carnival of the Dogs hosted by Mickey's Musings.

Cat folks: remember to submit your links to the Carnival of the Cats which goes up every Sunday and will be hosted this week by maggies meanderings and shameless plugs.

And, check out Laurence's fine graphical analysis of Friday Ark boardings.

Archive editions of the Friday Ark.


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None of the Above (inclusion not guaranteed)

Posted by Steve on March 11, 2005

NOt sure my pinger is working but here's Elvis and he SO wants to be included!

Posted by deb at March 11, 2005 6:23 AM

I've got mine here.

Posted by Adrianne Truett at March 11, 2005 7:11 AM

Today I have juvenile swordfish but this giant bacterium is my favourite invertebrate post.

Posted by Republic of Palau at March 11, 2005 7:31 AM

Posted by Kat at March 11, 2005 7:36 AM

Here's our invertebrate offering ceanothus silkmoth

Posted by Rexroths Daughter at March 11, 2005 8:22 AM

It is a sea slug!

Posted by winna at March 11, 2005 8:50 AM

My pinger seems not to be working...

Posted by Catherine at March 11, 2005 9:40 AM

Had my guy up in a photo album on my blog for quite some time already:


Posted by Murph at March 11, 2005 9:44 AM

Thanks for posting my link. It wasn't until after I pinged you that I realized that I broke the "No humans" rule. ;-)

Posted by Alison at March 11, 2005 10:50 AM

I have fungi feeding on a nematode.

Posted by afarensis at March 11, 2005 11:54 AM

I have cockroach blogging over at archy:

Posted by John McKay at March 11, 2005 12:17 PM

Invertebrate blogging by order of his segmented majesty PZ Meyers at Niches

Posted by Wayne at March 11, 2005 1:16 PM


Posted by Josh at March 11, 2005 1:43 PM

Wahoo, my rocks made it on!

Posted by yami at March 11, 2005 2:42 PM

Sorry for all the TB pings today - but we went to the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans today, and I had to let you know.

Moblogging for the Friday Ark - yay!

Posted by Romeocat at March 11, 2005 6:39 PM

Posted by the Robot Vegetable at March 11, 2005 9:37 PM

Hey I have my fish if you want it; that would surely increase the biodiversity of this friday's ark.

Posted by O.F. Jay at March 12, 2005 12:18 PM

Look at all those cat links! I bet you never imagined your ark would be so full . . .

Posted by SB at March 12, 2005 1:05 PM


I am pleasantly shocked by this week's Ark. Somewhere around 120 boarders!!!

The good news for me has been that about 40% were via comments, email and trackbacks which greatly reduces the effort to get them on.


Posted by Steve at March 12, 2005 1:45 PM

Thanks for linking to our picture of Blue Cat! My other pets, Lucy the Dog and Marvin and Mr. Yang (both cats) are jealous. They insist on appearing on BlueGrassRoots in the future so that they might have a shot at being included in this list!

Posted by ben at March 12, 2005 5:13 PM
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