March 22, 2005

Security Freeze? Not enough!

The Washington legislature is considering legislation that will give consumers the authority: put a security freeze on their credit-reporting file. A security freeze lets the consumer prevent anyone from looking at his or her own credit reporting file for purposes of granting credit unless the consumer chooses to let that particular business look at the information.
This is a partial step in the right direction. It is not enough and will not as article suggests give consumers the ability to prevent identity thieves from getting credit in their names.

As I commented last month individuals must own their personal information and:

No institution, government or private, can be allowed to collect or distribute, for free or for fee, any information about an individual without that individuals specific consent on a per incident basis and if the distribution is for a fee then that individual must be compensated at a rate agreeable to the individual.
Anything less is a recipe for theft underwritten by the very governmental institutions alleged to be our protectors.

Posted by Steve on March 22, 2005
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