May 5, 2005

Google Web Accelerator

This is something I won't be using!

First, pages download just snappily on my broadband connection, thank you.

Second, just why would I want to give these folks even more information about my browsing habits than they already get when I use them for searches? Their privacy disclaimer is particularly disingenuous:

5. How does using Google Web Accelerator affect my privacy?

Google Web Accelerator receives much of the same kind of information you currently send to your ISP when you surf the Web:

* Google will receive your requests for unencrypted pages (those with "HTTP:", not "HTTPS:", at the beginning of the URL), along with information such as the date and time of the request, your IP address, and computer and connection information

As you all know this can be a lot of information and they conveniently do not say anything about not gathering the info in the cookie they left on your system the last time you used anything Google.

You do delete your Google cookies regularly, don't you?

Via beSpacific.

Posted by Steve on May 5, 2005

A couple of people who have tried to use it reported an initial burst of speed, but then it started to bog down.

I would assume that the cache system breaks down under load and there is a penalty as the system adds the information gathering activity to everything else.

While I like the Google search engine, I have found a hidden price attached to every Google ad on, several of them qualify as spyware to my mind.

Posted by Bryan at May 5, 2005 2:47 PM
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