June 1, 2005


Eugene Volokh does not appear to think highly of the French non vote on the proposed EU constitution:

As best I can tell from what I've read recently, the substantive arguments for the French "no" vote weren't very sound, either; and peevishness at the political classes' seeming arrogance doesn't strike me as a great reason to vote no.
He does not go into detail on what those substantive arguments were but there is one argument that I find quite compelling: the document is 485 pages long. Only a lawyer or a judge could love a constitution of that size.

Consider the brevity of the US Constitution and the huge bureaucratic and legal bloat that has occurred in a modest 200 years. Heck, with 485 pages to start with the EU will need bariatric surgery before it even leaves the starting gate.

Related notes:

Lynn Kiesling "...concluded that it was a curate's egg."

Steeph has probably already voted no today in the Netherlands. He has studied it much more thoroughly than the average voter!

Posted by Steve on June 1, 2005
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