June 4, 2005

Federal Election Commission Rulemaking

Well, there certainly has been a lot of electrons spilt over some proposed rulemaking by the FEC. You can find many, many more without looking very hard.

An excellent evaluation of the whole fiasco comes from the Coyote Blog:

I have come to the conclusion that arguing over who gets the media exemption is like arguing about whether a Native American in 1960's Alabama should use the white or the colored-only bathroom: It is an obscene discussion and is missing the whole point, that the facilities shouldn't be segregated in the first place.
Typical responses to the proposed rulemaking in the blogosphere come fromWhile this is too pleasing an activity to apply to the folks on the FEC the sentiment is right on.

If the FEC makes a ruling inappropriate to free individuals or unconstitutional (not necessarily the same thing) and it is likely that they will as they are a creature of the federal government then, rather than be cowed by these twits, we should all simply ignore them. Yea, there will be allegations, subpoenas, cease and desist orders, prehaps even arrests and court cases, etc., as federal thugs swoop down on free speaking individuals. There are, though, lots of us and even the feds can't build jails very fast.

That this kind of stuff is even possible makes a telling case that the folks at the top have access to too much of our treasure and are either feeling threatened or believe they can get even more but need to cut off uncontrolled channels of potential challenge. It is long past time to take back control of our own wealth.

Posted by Steve on June 4, 2005
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