July 28, 2005

Free Love or Free Sex?

So what was with the sixties? Alina reviews David Allyn's new book Make Love, Not War and calls it a

must-browse for anyone interested in the social and cultural history of American political movements.
And concludes:
Allyn's most valuable insight is his strong distinction between free love and free sex. Contemporary culture a la Maxim tends to conflate the two. Liberation from sexual repression is a far cry from a compulsion to "muck around" (to borrow the Aussie term) with the bar-hopefuls.
Read the rest of her review and,yes, I think I'll at least browse the book.

Posted by Steve on July 28, 2005

It all goes back at least as far as Ibsen: "Poverty didn't produce their terrorism"

Posted by Sissy Willis at July 28, 2005 4:40 PM
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