September 28, 2005

weekend Serenity

I'd already planned to see Serenity early in its theater run.

Now I think this opening weekend will not be soon enough.

Posted by Steve on September 28, 2005

If you don't love it, I'll, umm, do something drastic and probably sort of expensive.


Okay, that didn't have much in the way of dramatic value, but I think you understand my point: I will be shocked if you don't enjoy this movie.

I'll be looking for your reaction--I plan to force the g-phrase to watch the series on DVD and then take her to a showing of the movie some time next week.

Posted by zombyboy at September 28, 2005 4:18 PM

Testing notification and moderation in 3.2

Posted by Steve at October 3, 2005 10:30 PM
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