October 20, 2005

Flogging the Gropenator

Kevin Drum and the LA Times bash arnold for vetoing some measures that targeted something called tax cheats.

First we read:

The governor has vetoed several bills that would allow agents to go after more businesses and individuals who cost the state millions by cheating on their returns, or not filing at all.
It is too bad that the state is being hindered by people trying to protect their earning from extortion.


The governor blocked efforts to increase penalties on retailers who filch the sales taxes they collect,...
These folks need to start providing restitution yesterday. They are thieves. Oh yes, the restitution should be to the people they stole the money from.
...and on companies that don't collect taxes when they should.
Well, let's thank these companies for helping folks keep their earnings.
A proposal to help authorities garnish wages of convicted tax evaders for as long as their debt is unpaid also was vetoed.
Hey, it's their wages it should be their choice what they do with their money.

arnold is deserving of much derision and bashing. He is, after all, a politician and as such devoted to doing stuff with resources taken from others without their consent. In this case, though, he has some of it right though undoubtably for the wrong reasons.

And, Kevin, et al, it is pretty hard to give a war if no one, or few, contribute.

Posted by Steve on October 20, 2005
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