November 5, 2005

Down For Maintenance in the Middle of the Day

Stuff like this certainly leads me to question the technical and service credibility of the folks at google and blogger:

Blogger Network Outage

We are currently down for network maintenence from 12pm (noon) to 2pm PST.

Those of you who support real production network environments will know what I mean. You just don't schedule maintenance during times when your service or network is going to be used by many people.

Yea, I suppose it is possible, given the wordwide nature of the web, that this is the least busy period of their week and if this is so that suggests that blogspot's biggest use is in the time zones serving the middle east, China, Japan, The Philipines, etc.

Interesting. And a pain as I was working on a post that has links into the blogspot world. Oh well, it will wait.

Posted by Steve on November 5, 2005
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