August 16, 2006

This Is The secretary of state??

She said:

"I can tell you that nothing has really taken me aback more as secretary of state than the way that the politics of energy is--I will use the word `warping' diplomacy around the world," Rice told Congress in April. "It has given extraordinary power to some states that are using that power in not very good ways for the international system, states that would otherwise have very little power."

Coming from a former Chevron board member, Rice's shock is puzzling.


I think it is quite reasonable to expect the secretary of state to have a clue prior to taking office!

Posted by Steve on August 16, 2006

She thought these little countries followed the orders of Chevron and BP, and was really shocked to find out that some of them have decided to use their control of a vital resource to do things however they feel like at the moment.

Unfortunately for her the oil countries can't control things in Iran and Venezuela, the way they do in the US.

Posted by Bryan at August 17, 2006 2:08 PM
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