November 21, 2006

They'll Be Coming For You

Coworkers, friends and family often look at me very askance when I call out coffee drinkers as druggies. Well, here you go

...on a popular pro-drug Web site, a visitor reported taking seven No Doz tablets, or 1,400 milligrams of caffeine, and compared the effects to a bad trip on LSD.

Then, like many who get carried away with the world's most popular drug, the person wondered: "Can caffeine really do this?"

It can. And abuse of the legal stimulant is an emerging problem among young people, according to Northwestern University researchers, who recently analyzed three years' worth of cases reported to the Illinois Poison Center.

Symptoms include everything from nausea, vomiting and a racing heart to hallucinations, panic attacks, chest pains and trips to the emergency room.

How long before the swat teams are hitting your breakfast nook and narcs are lurking in the corners of Starbucks?

Posted by Steve on November 21, 2006
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