November 27, 2006

Border Costs

Jaquandor reminds me that the cost of government is higher than the published budget numbers: about 12:30 we left the Falls for the Lewiston Bridge back to the US, and then home.


The Lewiston Bridge was backed up. Badly. We rolled to a stop about 1.5 KM short of the bridge itself, whereupon we spent the next three hours slowly inching forward, closer and closer to the bridge, then over the bridge, and finally to the Customs checkpoint into the US.

Three hours. About two miles total distance.

That's a lot of people having a lot of their time wasted and there is more to the story.

Of course there is no explanation by the border person as to why Jaquandor and his family had to go through the grilling and search. My family did not have to on our last crossing a few weeks ago and there would have been no pressure on the guard not to take her time...there was no one in line behind us at the time.

Free people would not be subjected to this crap.

Posted by Steve on November 27, 2006

Let's hope the Dems can restore some sanity to things...

Posted by Scott at November 29, 2006 6:36 AM
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