January 3, 2007

Annotating bush

Kip provides some fine feedback to bush's opinion piece published in today's WSJ.

To whet your appetite here is the beginning:

My principles are no secret.

--Unlike so many of his Administration's practices.

Posted by Steve on January 3, 2007

Oh, for Heaven's sake, Steve, give the guy a break. He's president in the middle of the most unorthodox World War in history. No one knows how to handle this. Everyone's scrambling around trying to find something that works. The Thais, the Russians, the French, they're all trying to figure out some way to stop the Islamist maniacs short of going all Roman on their asses and smashing everything indiscriminately.

Dig this.


The contagion is all over the world and every government is trying to find ways to keep their populations safe. No one has succeeded yet except us and you want to jump up and down and point fingers.

Posted by K T Cat at January 5, 2007 6:48 AM

Hi KT!

We will probably have to disagree a bit regarding 43.

As far as I'm concerned he lost what little credibility he had acquired during the Afghani operation when he began beating the war drums over Iraq instead of focusing on al quaeda and other terrorist groups, islamic and non-islamic. What a loss of focus and waste of lives, American and Iraqi, and resources.

In addition, his civil liberties and budget records are abominable.

BTW, I'm sure those of my friends who were/are Gore/Kerry supporters would not be happy with the slack I wouldn't be giving them if one of them had stumbled into the presidency.

Posted by Steve at January 10, 2007 2:28 PM
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