March 4, 2007

Best Buy

Best Buy apparently has a policy that they will match a price from their internet site in their stores. Unless, of course, they can show the customer on an in house website that the price isn't better.

That is the allegation and if true Best Buy is committing fraud. We will have to wait for Best Buy to admit guilt or for a court, civil, criminal or both, to declare guilt before we know for sure.

Whichever the case, this thought from Chaos Digest holds no water:

Conservatives who continuously spout 'less government oversight' please note: This is the type of thing that would happen much more often if an industry is left to 'self-regulate'.
First, see above. Until the alleged perp admits guilt or is convicted in a court of law they are, well, presumed innocent.

Second, this has nothing to do regulation and everything to do with a possible criminal act. It is the responsibility of the police, prosecuting attorneys or citizens acting in civil courts to bring this type of activity to an end.

We do not need regulatory agencies to determine whether someone or some thing corporation has committed fraud.

Posted by Steve on March 4, 2007
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