May 25, 2007

Try On This Display

Well, you can't try it on just yet but Sony has just announced:

...a razor-thin display that bends like paper while showing full-color video.

"In the future, it could get wrapped around a lamppost or a person's wrist, even worn as clothing," said Sony spokesman Chisato Kitsukawa. "Perhaps it can be put up like wallpaper."
I like the wallpaper idea! "Repainting" becomes as easy as changing the wallpaper on your computer monitor.

If they can form this into a durable enough material you might be able to dramatically reduce the size of your dressers and closets. Imagine how difficult this could make deciding what to wear to the party tonight. You could have millions or billions of complex image choices. On the other hand, you will probably be able to load most if not all of them into the terabyte compact flash that you slide into the outfits network connector.

Posted by Steve on May 25, 2007
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