June 3, 2007

Windows Live Writer: Test 1

This is a bit of a test of Windows Live Writer.  Well, a beta of this product.


First, it took longer to install than most programs.  Probably a Microsoft thing. 

Second, I don't really like the related privacy policy.  But, it is probably not all that much worse than Google's.

Third, the "Insert Hyperlink" window takes too much time to pop up. Then some of the other tools also seemed to take too long.  However, after the first use they popped up crisply.

The table generator worked fine:

Table Table
Table Table

 And here is a picture:


I'll have to figure out how to get images to automatically upload.  When I have time I'll test the upload to FTP server function.

It will take some experimentation to determine whether this program will provide powerful picture placement capability.  Though it was reasonable straight forward to place this text.



Most of my posts are done within the blogging application, e.g., Movable Type or WordPress. Once in a while I've wanted a tool to use when offline and for this purpose I've been pretty happy with BlogDesk for the past 6-8 months.

I'll probably give this a go for a while and see if it can move me away from BlogDesk.

Posted by Steve on June 3, 2007

look interesting..I'll try it..

Posted by dX-Xel at June 6, 2007 1:30 AM
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