February 24, 2008

Is It Going To Be dear leader obama?

It appears that some dems are thinking that is the way it should be:

3. What Obama Meant. Any review of Obama statements or past votes is subject to an explanation by Obama of what he REALLY meant. Any criticism of Obama's statements which do not take into account Obama's clarifications and explanations of what he REALLY meant are unfair personal attacks and the attacker is a "liar" who will say and do anything to get elected.

4. Obama's attacks are always fair and merited. Any suggestion otherwise is, at the least, vaguely racist.

As an independent I'm looking forward to new blood, most likely obama but perhaps mccain, to pick on from time to time when they become, as Garrison would say, the current occupant.

There is no excuse for not engaging in this exercise when they are pretenders to the throne as well.

Posted by Steve on February 24, 2008
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