August 18, 2008

Daycare Centers Cutting Back

Over at Shakesville Melissa reports:

Shaker InfamousQBert sends this story about how schools are seeking to cut costs to deal with the struggling economy. I'll give you one guessā€¦ If you said, "Pass expenses onto parents," give yourself 1,000 points. Get ready for higher lunch prices and four-day school weeks, requiring working parents to pony up for daycare.
Yep, for most, if not all, the schools, public and private, are little better than daycare centers: underfunded (this isn't going to change) and underproductive (except, perhaps, as prep schools for the incarceration industry). Well, I guess they do ok as daycare centers; as places to dump our children during the day so as to avoid the responsibility of raising them to be productive human beings.

Yes, I know there are exceptions; that some parents work hard to help with their kids education; that some of the kids make it out of these schools without apparent damage and having had some academic success but they are the exception and in the process all of the kids are cheated out of a real, an individually appropriate, education.

Via Avedon.

Posted by Steve on August 18, 2008
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