Hard to Break Into Blogging??

Megan asks:

Will it become as hard to break into blogging as it is to break into print?

But she doesn’t say exactly what she means by “break into blogging.”
I suspect that her unstated criteria is some variant of the “high traffick blogs” or “paid to blog” folks that she talks about earlier in her post and, yes, the higher you raise those bars the harder it will be for someone to “break into blogging.”

On a more literal level or Blogger, amongst others, are trivially easy to get started with. So my answer to her is that it will for a long time to come remain much easier to break into blogging than into print. Getting read is another issue.

Arthur Gives You…

what you want:

Here’s what most of you are used to, and what you appear to prefer. Since arguments, reasons, history and similar kinds of crap bore you, I’ve eliminated them. I’m learning!

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