Subprime Social Security

There are a lot of things one could pick at in Froma Harrop’s recent column comparing proposals for private social security accounts to problems with some subprime mortgages. However, this in particular caught my eye:

If the folks now approaching retirement saw their private Social Security accounts suddenly lose 10 percent of their value — as have many conservative stock portfolios — we’d be hearing demands for a Social Security bailout on top of a mortgage bailout.

Well, their government managed “trust fund” has incurred a 10% loss over the past couple years. Froma, perhaps you should lead the bailout demands.

Oh, the us government is over 9 trillion dollars in debt and still spending so there is no money available for a bailout.

How Sweet It Was; How Sweet It Will Be

This was the last time* we will have the great pleasure of listening to w speak a state of the union address.
Or listen to only the last 10 minutes as I was blessed with…really, how could I have forgotten so easily?

*Trust me on this: if you, I or anyone else hear w speak another sotu we are all in really deep shit and will be regretting that we did not pay more attention to exercising the 2nd amendment while we could.

Sock Puppets and Partners

Jaerome Doolittle argues that w is osama’s sock puppet:

Giving Osama bin Laden an instrument like George W.Bush to play is like handing Jascha Heifetz a Stradivarius.
Bin Laden has got from Bush virtually everything he wanted: U.S. troops are out of Saudi Arabia, his enemy Saddam is dead, the Al Qaeda franchise has gone international, his hideout in Pakistan is safer than ever, the Taliban is resurgent, the Great Satan is globally hated and isolated, and Bush has done, praise be to Allah, effectively nothing to end the conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Sweet!

The way things have played out bush has gotten from osama virtually everything that he wanted: a huge popularity hit in his first term, a mission accomplished photo op, a 2nd term in office, billions in oil profit windfalls for his cronies around the world, the war on terror, the shredding of the bill of rights and so on ad infinitum.
It is not at all clear who is pulling the strings.

Perhaps they are each others sock puppet and, if so, perhaps they are partners.